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Hostelry. Castuera. Badajoz
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: tertiary
class: ideas competition
date: 05/2009
client / sponsor: Council of Extremadura
photos / images: estudioji
Third prize !!

The project is structured using a modular system multiplied gear and links that make up the various bodies that organize applications.
It is a chained system that is capable of deformable infinitely extended and adapted to each other generating units and sets as required.
The module is based on the link of a bicycle chain, where each "depends" on another and together forms a surface as we like.
This system, as compact or fluffy, will form public spaces (areas) or private (bedrooms).


A compact piece on the edges of the main entrances contains all functions of common relationship as lobbies, lounges and celebrations, cafes, restaurants ... which will optimizing upon itself to become completely isolated parts of rooms that are accessible to strolling through gardens of different indigenous crops to the area that structure these independent modules.


The project aims from a modular perspective. It was considered that the development is the core piece of room, as it will be extended in the following phases. So being a linkable geometric system is perfect for producing through industrialization serially produced from a single mold, since they all share the same radius of curvature, both facades and enclosures as covered slabs. They become transportable pieces, saving the maximum execution times.


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