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Interior Renovation House LM, Altea. Alicante
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
tipology: residential
class: private project
date: 06/2020
Client / developer: private
collaboratos: Darío Vilana/ Raquel Pérez Belmonte/ Ángela Shepherd
photos / images: David Zarzoso

Comprehensive reform project of housing for seasonal use, organized through an open layout of its spaces.

Originally, the apartment had very compartmentalized interiors, everything being "tiny." It was necessary to demolish everything to start from the traditional "zero point", carrying out the new distribution, the selection of materials, equipment, colors, lighting ...

Immovable decision of the owners was the choice of the white color and oak wood, which are spread throughout the interiors, with the intention of maintaining the Mediterranean soul and the use of this appreciated wood.


Conceptually, the one baptized as Casa LM is a 70 m² neutral space, dotted with oak wood "accents" that vary the visual stimuli of those who contemplate them. The house flows and circulates «through a main storage room, located in the center of the plant. This storage space is part of the program of functional needs posed by customers, who wanted ample storage space for their home, fluid interiors and incorporate one more bathroom.

The house has a clearly differentiated and separate day and night area. The first is an open concept room shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen, which open onto the terrace. The night rooms are made up of a bedroom suite, with direct access to the previous terrace, a second bedroom and a bathroom.



The comprehensive intervention carried out also served to install sliding wooden sheets on the walls that modify the spaces according to the needs of the inhabitants. Likewise, this solution allowed to gain the passageway that is lost with the pivot doors while harmonizing with the fluid spirit of the apartment.

"Some pieces organize, others mark steps, others compress, others are containers and others give mechanical service to the house."


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