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Workshop and Gallery, Altea. Alicante
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
tipology: workshop-residential
class: private project
date: 07/2013
Client / developer: private
photos / images: david frutos/ estudioji
Selected to Fourth Iberoamerican design biennial!!

Space "converted" in old town of Altea where has been used only the organizer system "MODULE PLUG" ji study: A versatile and mobile lattice with various accessories "plugged in" to it, organizes and gives use 4 projected spaces: architectural, jewelery workshop, showroom and art gallery.


The module "PLUG" stems from the investigation of how colonize uncertain any space in which we will develop an activity for a short or long period of time. This activity, whether domestic or commercial, always linked to a long list of functional and aesthetic uses.



Plug is a mobile modular piece 190x90 cm with several accessories designed and tailored to their anchoring system: "stick, table, chair, hung ..."
Inspired by traditional space partition screens, plug is a vertical serial parts lattice which, besides its obvious properties of transparency and glaze, are those that contain applications, serving as supports and anchorages for various accessories.



This module works individually or in groups, adapting to any situation, shape or space.
Serial appearance of fine wooden slats makes the overall homogeneity from working properly, thus regulating protrusion or imperfections in occupied space.
Small one-time accessories are fitted sliding between the lattice. The unit or refill of these small parts generates all uses each user needs.


In this project for Altea have been used a total of 12 modules, adapting different groups to solve each of the needs we required: storage, jewelry exhibition, privacy, veiled, shop window and claim.

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