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Remodeling Fairgrounds. Albacete
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo/blas antón
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 12/2010
Client / developer: City council of Albacete
photos / images: estudioji/blas antón
First prize !!

The proposal responds to  a detailed urban analysis that covers all scales of the city, from the general structure of Albacete to the scale in which each individual is related to its nearest urban environment, not to mention the claim that causes the Fairground beyond the city itself or the temporal variation of uses that are in place.


This analysis leads to define a united and versatile answer, with a flexible project that is able to meet the different needs and variables of the Ferial environment  The proposal is realized based on a light-permeable structure whose deployment in space gives character to the different areas of scope, in a development that allows its construction in different phases to complete the action.



The variable geometry of the structure allows to generate a versatile system that adapts to the different needs of use, as a "skeleton" on which support the necessary elements for the development of the different activities. This basic "skeleton" is generated by the serialization of variable geometry structural arches that allow the addition of the necessary elements for all applications that supports both temporary and continuous.



The system generates a unified environment that avoids the monotony, a functional performance while representative and iconic. The proposal seeks to sort the different uses, keeping in mind its temporary and changeable, and be a clear and transparent urban presence with own existence that does not compete with the strength of the white walls that define the fairgrounds, helping to clarify their perception and use.

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