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VIP Lounge Ideas Competition. Contemporary Art Fair ARCO. Madrid
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo/blas antón
typology: instalación/stand
class: ideas competition
date: 09/2011
client / sponsor: AD (Architectural Digest Spain)/IFEMA/ARCO
photos / images: estudioji/blas antón

A VIP lounge doesn´t exist. What exists is a VIP pass that takes you to Olympus than they can get into a VIP room, and thereby turn the place into a Very Important Place (VIP).
What is proposed is not a VIP room, but a room you would like to take shelter during a visit to ARCO, where you can switch off the mind and relax the view, where you can relax and take a break in the tour.
Have a drink and something to eat, share opinions and consider buying some work, get your strength to continue or abandon the visit and continue the party elsewhere.
Proposes a neutral regular space defined as a continuous envelope with a neutral color, both to the floor, ceiling and walls.


Within this neutral space, a plastic inflatable arches ranslucent and transparent system, illuminated inside, organize the different uses within the room, in which the main difference is the restaurant, bar and area sponsors .
The arches create an open structure, transformable according to the geometrical conditions of the room or use requirements. This structure creates a dynamic and changing central corridor we can go inside, or simply viewed from the outside.
The needs of different applications is completed by the family of furniture defined in the proposal.




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