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Remodeling Rincón de Bécquer square. Soria
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 01/2010
Client / developer: City council of Soria
photos / images: estudioji
Second prize !!

As a result of urban and historical analysis is born the idea and the concept developed for the performance. The project aims to turn this urban corner in a place for meditation and walk for citizens and tourists of Soria. A square is a gathering place, its edges describe "an inside and an outside" in the city, which is why so pedestrian decides to spend a few minutes inside the square to to isolate themselves from the traffic and the rest of the streets.
According to these requirements, the proposal developed acts unitarily solving these requirements that make the square becomes a nice place, and its deserve historical value.
The idea of the project is an operation of "folding floor," now becoming convex space in a concave space that protects the pedestrian from the rest of the city.


Thus, there are two folding directions, one toward the street, where these "eyelids" protect you visually from the traffic and and mark the access  to the ruins, giving the space continuity until the very walls and bridging the gap that currently exists between the height of the convent and the plaza.
A pixelated hexagonal stone pavement runs from start to finish all square adapt its geometry to the slopes on an ongoing basis and melting into green space running along the walls of the ruins.



For the lack of pavement emerge standing areas with geometric benchs and clusters of deciduous woodland.
The image becomes a night soil "starry" marking rides in a degraded form by LED lamps. Other columns will give the square spot lighting required in standing areas.

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