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Cultural Arts Center "Café Cultural". Sevilla
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typopoly: social-cultural
class: ideas competition
date: 07/2011
Client / developer: City council of Sevilla
photos / images: estudioji


As project idea we propose a piece that expresses what it is to be developed: very expressive  plastics and artistics activities, as dance culture and specifically the Flamenco.
We report that a building without a concrete form that does not have a determinated main and see all sides is perfect to symbolize "a building for everyone."
We believe that the circle geometry collects these qualities, since it does not look to a particular place and which is able to collect streams of activity infinite directions.       The building is positioned in a central location of the site freeing public traffic around. This position allows both the city with the shot lane, as the new public pedestrian square, connect, and traffic flows around a public space such as this new environment.
A large ramp that meets the accessibility necessary, collect the public of the new urban square, while at level 0 is produced another series of public access as the auditorium, exhibition hall or conference room.
These generally provide eminently active public space, centrifugal and heavily wooded, where continuity is their primary condition.

The building is based on a geometric game, with circles and tangents laws that make the space be structured and organized in a fluid, continuous and interesting.

At level 0, the occupation area established for the building base is constructed from a circle of 25 meters in diameter, on which raise the other parts.
Around him and a tangential way, adapt other public uses that can be used by people without entering the building and they are precisely what give more urban facade and scale facing to the city.
From the ground floor develops the main geometric game, which will include most of the uses.
It is the realization of "SEMICIRCULAR SEGMENTS" to be concatenated to 90 ° turns, always keeping a quarter circle for outdoor use.

This "open dance fans," generates outdoor spaces at double and triple height that can go and enjoy the activities carried out in them.


The New Cultural Café Sevilla is presented as a public building, social and cultural, to be developed in the plastic and artistic activities, which will undoubtedly serve urban revitalization and integration with the rest of the City, currently latent problem in this Sevilla sector.

It is for this reason that we propose first an EXEMPT piece in the plot, that  serve as an urban filter.
This is a set of geometric circles and tangents that reinforce the ACTIVE sense of the building itself and its activities.

The exact position of the piece is nailed almost at the geometric center of the plot, where the building gets unstuck of future adjacent buildings, freeing up for public space use at elevation 0.



We raised a tall building with urban presence that becomes reference landmark of the city and thus also free public space.

With these actions we create a space that serves as a connection between the city and the new public square raised by planning.


We propose a very public building, active and youthful character, which by their own geometry presence,express their artistic use.

A FLEXIBLE building without spaces determined or fixed, and be able to transform and be used in multiple ways to develop very diverse activities.
We think of very free spaces that combine outdoor terraces with views to develop events and performances also outdoors or even install temporary pavilions or vegetation to create gardens.
We believe that this building should represent a type of artistically emerging population and also be able to be seen and welcome the rest of the population ...
"A building close to all".



The public nature of the building means that their movement is very free and dynamic, giving more importance to accessible pedestrian route than to the road.
From level 0 a great color ramp invites and pick you to access the first floor in an accessible way without lift. From this height (+3.50) radial stairs connecting each floor terraces of an external form below deck, a quality we put in value thanks to the climate of Sevilla.
As a quick and affordable option, since the level 0 borns a cylindrical elevator will connect each floor landing in different places depending on what geometry decide.
There are several activities and uses we have seen more public at level 0, as access to the auditorium, a conference room or exhibition.
The only approach we raised vehicular traffic, is access to basement parking with a two-way simultaneous input and output, so that the environmental impact on the site for the ramp crack, be minimum.

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