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Adequacy of Buñol castle environment. Valencia
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo/blas antón
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 07/2011
Client / developer: City council of Buñol, Valencia
photos / images: estudioji/blas antón

A proposal for two performances of very different nature, but located on the same environment, the surroundings of the castle and its main entrances. A proposal based on the analysis of the current situation, which aims to discover the characteristics that each case should be emphasized and enhanced correcting errors and providing a unique performance criteria for the two performances.
On one side, a performance that unites the urban scene with the management of public spaces inside the castle, and on the other, the natural environment where the fortress sits on the slopes of the natural terrain and rock relief that leads to the location of defensive construction.


Both performances will share, to varying degrees, two basic performance criteria that will guide the entire process of design and decisions the proposal generates.



The first criterion of action seeks the development of different urban spaces, hosting activities and their uses according to their characteristics, based on a single, flexible system that defines all urban elements with a neutral and respectful language, but away from mimicry that confuses the real with the new contributions.


A second approach is to improve the reading of the implementation of the castle in its environment, with the recovery of the natural environment on which it stands, both the plant and the rock field that supports it. To this end, and focused primarily on the actions located on this type of environment, will enhance the subtlety and adaptation to existing in the actions.



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