estudio ji architects
Hostelry. Fregenal de la Sierra. Badajoz
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: tertiary
class: ideas competition
date: 09/2010
client/sponsor: Council of Extremadura
photos / images: estudioji
model: jorge queipo

Protect and preserve historic value safeguarding it and  "covering" it for all content maintains its natural state and its history.
We propose a way to keep both the walls full of Jesuit College, his Church, including the roof, the facade wall currently occupying the municipal rooms and other pieces that we consider with some interest and value constructive position. Being scattered parts, we think the best solution is to convert the performance unify into a single space. For this a light lattice will cover in an airy and transparent way all the spaces, both old and new plant that will be the guest adapting to them.



These variables wooden frames, which are adapted not only to the heights, but also their needs. This "blanket thread" thin and slender are changing forming a gradient between indoor and outdoor areas, sunny and shady areas, compressed and spongy areas facing the sky and wooded enclose large size. That is why the building, beyond being a closed space, is a protected and cozy journey, where, with a homogeneous and harmonious appearance, guests can stroll in private and quiet isolation from noise and curious passers. Call it an outdoor deck. It is a screen that protects the hard summer in Extremadura and in turn becomes versatile outdoor spaces since by its simplicity of construction, is able to partially cover areas or simply darken them with fabrics.


This is a performance overlay. The image presented to the town is a wooden piece PLACED delicately on existing buildings without damaging it.
It offers 2-sided. Beam and back. While you skirt their facades, you can see how are you new ribs that have invaded the old college hinting vibrate inside into a different image tones.

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