estudio ji architects
Hotel AC 4 stars. Villaverde. Madrid
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
tipology: tertiary
class: ideas competition
date: 09/2006
client/sponsor: Hercesa
photos / images: estudioji
Prize Finalist!!

The temporal habitability makes references to visit points where the individual stay is reduced within a short space of time.
The hotels are the closest example we all know the housing unit that becomes the place of "escape or isolation" either business or pleasure, but isolation and done ... The project is designed from this small cell or module that welcomes us promptly, and from which it generates spatially whole set of common spaces, understood as a consequence of the first.


The room, understood as generator module is structured through an horizontal courtyard (module A : 2.20 m) south oriented indirectly illuminating the rest space, creating a warm and private atmosphere (isolation). Thus, there is room 2A module (individual), 3A (double) and 2A + 3A (duplex - suites).




The public rooms, located on the ground floors (horizontal platform) are generated following main axes that fall from the tower rooms, becoming large courtyards around which run every hotel use. (Lounges, dining, reception and rooms, offices, spa, gym, garage, swimming pool etc ...)



The building on the edge of a strong road junction south, away from the noise in the form of L, leaving the bedroom in the "high bar" that is recessed inwardly getting regarding adjoining residential use. Common uses scale down and relate to the street, offering an opaque image with specific complaints (access and coffe shop.)
The slenderness of the tower room and its powerful beam in dark interior makes a complaint from any nearby road.

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