estudio ji architects
Can Escandell Urban Park. Eivissa
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo/blas antón
typology: landscaping
class: ideas competition
date: 02/2011
client/sponsor: sepes
photos / images: estudioji/blas antón

The proposed park is generated from the combination of three types of basic elements, three types of paths whose intersections are capable of generating countless encounters, unique and individual character, around which different uses are concentrated.
A constellation of knots and meetings, which go in the illusion of endless exploration.  
A network structure that creates the opportunities for travel and access to the nodes which concentrates the energy of the various activities, supported on a system equipped with bows of formal and functional versatility. It is a unified approach that avoids the monotony based on a system of urban generation potential, able to adapt to the place, to answer their needs and to provide the performance of a representative and iconic character.


The meeting and the union of the roads that form the basic structure of the park, generates multiple situations, all different in size and shape.
These crossing boxes provide users of the park infinite possibilities in travel and access to the various activities offered by the park. The activities and uses are located around the collection of nodes created, depending on the size and accessibility the node provides and the activity requires.


The overall structure will offer knots with activity and other without associated activity, forming a flexible system, able to incorporate new activities to associated unused nodes, or modify the uses that are present, allowing for growth in different phases as demand the users and the needs of the city assets.

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