estudio ji architects
Remodeling pine trees park. Tetuan, Madrid
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 08/2008
client/sponsor: Hercesa
photos / images: estudioji
Prize Finalist!!

The proposal was developed by analyzing the performance necessary points. The sun goes down over four meters throughout its development without leaving culs de sac useful activity. These are they who by their height differences allow us, in a single section, connecting the highest point of access from Sinesio Delgado with the lowest of the park. We propose a filter generating activity that is part of this free ride. A kiosk in a park has always been a focus of activity and we propose that in this gentle descent from the city we find in its highest level, courtyards filtered by slender steel cylinders that blend texture trees. The kiosk becomes part shared between the city and the park fitting into an existing section and is ideal to open the park.
A broken road bridging the gap is excavated and dodging the existing plantation estate. This leads to a threshold level of the park and takes us into the screening room of the kiosk. This entails a street or organic road as the manipulated land.


By opening ourselves to the park, a rational and coherent plot with park, management and structure all specific actions such the own kiosk or a vegetal marquee that cool and shade the current grandstand, which we maintain to reflect the optimal geometry the viewing of any performance. So in this way appear aromatic parterres and rest benches, platforms and ramps that connect various points of the performance. etc.




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