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Remodeling Mayo Manchego square. Pedro Muñoz, Ciudad Real
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 12/2010
client/sponsor: City council of Pedro Muñoz
photos / images: estudioji

The idea of the project is to create an iconic space in which the passer recognize and connect the Plaza del Mayo Manchego as the start of the Route of Don Quixote ...
We build on the movement that the windmills that cover this land, leave or have left the flapping of their wings. 
We speak of the wind, how figurative elements are distributed public space telling a story, an image, an icon.
Numerous tridimensional blades are positioned connecting the most relevant parts of the center, giving this new place the centrality that it deserves.These "blades" become the main regulatory element of the proposal and, since that will equip the public space of humanity and versatile use.
Its Greek cross layout allows, besides its direct symbolism, created benches, planters, trees, herbs, forming enclosures at 90 to promote the social and outdoor leisure.

Shall we meet in the square of the blades .....?   



The circular pavement that inscribes street furniture, change, becoming a tense ground colored rubber drainage site. This tension is showing circular motion symbolizing the "blades" lying.
The flooring that fits the circular weft comprises radially placed granite cobblestones. Is proposed to leave the board open to enable the growth of moss between the pieces and get a plant character in the square.
The perimeter edge forming with existing homes and businesses will be granite slabs with a cutting linear homogeneous, which is proposed for extension and pedestrianization of the nearby streets.


Many elements in "blade" or Greek cross are distributed over the square as a prescribed geometry. Compound was treated with benches furniture and greenery. These are the elements that regulate the activity of space.

Raised two hierarchies of vegetation for the new public space.
Deciduous liquidambar trees and prunos incorporated into furniture and aromatic plants as high parterres also built along the benches.

The shaded area is generated by the same pattern of crosses compacting areas to form shadows veiled sheets. These shelters are invading the space and forming covered bus stop.

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