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Recovery and adequacy of public space of the Plaza del Grano. Leon
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 11/2011
client/sponsor: City council of León
photos / images: estudioji

The Plaza del Grano is a vital downtown space for the active pace of the city of León. He is currently in an advanced state of decay and neglect in tertiary uses that could house many of the arcades. The rich variety of historic architecture, makes this place a tourist spot relevant to their condition, only used as a route of passage, rather than a public space rich in leisure and vegetation.
There are numerous urban elements are not put in value due to the spatial concept that meets the square now.
There is not resting places well distributed throughout the public space. Currently benches are basically centered around the "Fuente de los dos rios" giving it back and preventing having visibility it deserves.
There is a major problem with the edges of the arches and doorways of buildings forming the square. Road traffic invades eminently pedestrian spaces.


The idea of ??this project called "glup" is based on solving each of the problems described above with a single urban action.
It's about creating a unique urban element that is able to revive and revitalize this public space.
The place needs a space visually more collected, of a more humanizing scale, so that the stroller please spend there more than five minutes.
We believe in creating a space that only by its geometry, position and color, is capable of transforming the uses, making it a place of "many experiences".
The main driver of activity in a public space is the tertiary use. That is why, so we will focus on how to promote that the engine runs.



Our proposal is to create a VERY CLEAR LATTICE that unifies the edges and the relationship of the buildings to the square. We propose a "piece" very lightly constructed by concentric rings that link in a perimeter all ground floors of the buildings surrounding the square.
These rings, designed as a transparent cover, in which the sun and the rain passed, scale the space, making it visually in circular, and in the center several historical elements of the city of León, as the “Fuente de los dos rios” or centenary trees.


Moreover, the backbone organizes tours and structures pavement division.
From the upper floors of the buildings, residents will see a park cheerful colors, as these circular elements change as you look from the square or from the houses. On the side of the square a half of the cylinder is wooden, merging with the new fully accessible floor that we propose. Its top is a wide color range, which is mixed, from above, with the shadows they cast.



This lattice space will serve to generate numerous uses for its convertible versatility, like shadow areas, pergolas plants, swings, markets, covered terraces for restaurants etc ...

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