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Services Building, Local Police and Civil Protection. La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: utility building
class: ideas competition
date: 06/2011
client/sponsor: City council of San Javier, Murcia
photos / images: estudioji
Third Prize !!

Inspired by the natural channels of water exchange that invade the area of La Manga del Mar Menor (ruffs), we propose a building "filter" that relates in both orientations and watch both two seas.


His public and representative character reinforces the concept that the urban factor is the fundamental tool of study.


The proposal is to create an URBAN LANDMARK that becomes identity protection and security. A piece that looks and monitors, that is filter between two seas and from their terraces and gardens in height can be spotted.
There are many ways to convert a building in a landmark, the height, it is certainly one of them.
A safety building is public and representative, is a key landmark in a city, you must have a presence, "MUST SEE AND BE SEEN".


The building is divided into two parts that fragment and classified the program as public and private.



The horizontal public piece becomes a service building at city level. Its cover is a nice walk between courtyards that give access to certain units.
The slender tower releases occupation surface, giving it up to open space. Its flexible modulation will allow the uses change over time.


These two pieces pierced sharing the same section (5.5 m), a utility horizontal and another vertical with units of restricted control (police and civil protection).



The horizontal and vertical landscaped courtyards organize space and regulate the humidity and temperature of Murcia. Many of them are beautiful viewpoints towards the seas.



The proposed building is organized in view of the public and private use that will house.
It is proposed that all public access program as records, citizen services etc, to focus on the ground floor at street level.                                                                                 
On this same level 0 will house 900 m2 to store cleaning equipment and utility with ability to cover and close with light and weight mobile.
The horizontal nature of this piece lets the whole deck becomes public square of access to the various police and services departments.
By her, citizens can stroll around the vegetation grounds contemplating sculptural structure of the elevated heliport.


The vertical piece concentrates all program packages of police and civil protection buildings together, with common units that share.
This is a very slender proportions creaked on its modulation allows great flexibility in offices, open offices etc ...
Being organized by program packages, leaving articulate horizontal courtyards, which can be enjoyed as terraces viewpoints on both seas thanks to its quality of having two facades.
By concentrating the program on a tower and thereby make a minimum occupancy of the plot, it is released from the programmatic needs and can be assigned to it becoming public, making what was a simple plot in a city square.


We propose a heliport in the upper level of 31 meters.
Think of it as a sculpture, as airspace that is used from time to time and that SHOULD BE SEEN for its beauty.


Therefore defined as a kind of light cloud that sits subtly on the building and that is also the major bioclimatic regulatory element.
A surface to 31 meters high that protects the public space and shade in the hard summer months facades of offices and other facilities.
This film covers the entire building without touching it and gives us a very representative and sculptural image in its western side.

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