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Remodeling Vergel and San Clemente squares. Soria
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: espacio público
class: ideas competition
date: 01/2010
client/sponsor: City council of Soria
photos / images: estudioji
Prize Accésit!!

The proposal is based on the unification between the two places by the invasion and spread of fun and iconic elements that give structure and use to these urban spaces. Walking through Soria and its streets loaded of literary history leading to the Vergel and San Clemente squares, we found it interesting that the basic element of literature, letters, invasive of a literal and almost frivolous public spaces. These large pieces, designed as gardens perched and scattered, and transformed into faceted volumes, collect and organize the open space. Each transforms and adapts to become green and stays comfortable for pedestrians.This is a "typographical invasion" in which letters and symbols coexist and blend from one square to the other.
In theVergel, place of worship and literature led by Antonio Machado Institute, have been used only letters, forming standing and resting areas with wooded enclosures.
In San Clemente, more urban square and busiest leisure letters become symbols, exclamations and questions. A new element rises forming public shelters that protect the residents and tourists of Soria while taking some “tapas”.


Helvetica, typeface of the 50s', is chosen to give volume to the gardens.
At night, a lighting system in ground by lines of leds unidirectionally walking the streets, reinforcing the idea of free items "perched" on a carpet.
Interestingly the iconic image featuring the aerial view, making it recognizable and unmistakable.


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