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13 Protected housing for young people. Soria
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: residential
class: ideas competition
date: 02/2007
client/sponsor: City council of Soria
photos / images: estudioji
Third Prize !!

Projecting from the constraints of the site is adapted to different physical situations, since the topography, orientation and geometry of the site. These are the pillars on which the project decision was based.
The site of the proposal is a difference in the longitudinal dimension of more than three meters, the main facade orientation is west and its geometry is extremely irregular, occupying a corner of a block soon consolidated.


Fragmentation - multiblock: The decision to clog the entire site is that all housing modules have the same orientation (west). Hence the idea of fragmenting. In "Breaking" the corner in three parts houses are "hovering" over a facade, thus increasing the quality of living to get different orientations. These three parts to form a new scale space inhabitant where each is adapted Solar irregularities.
PART A: Highest, contains access at elevation 3.60 and contains ground floor + III. It is located 2 bedroom homes.
PART B: It is implanted in a pill type of housing 1 bedroom duplex.
PART C: The housing containing the PMR to be located at the main pedestrian access dimension. All of them are 2 bedrooms.


The building adapts to the change in elevation collecting road and pedestrian traffic. The level 0.00 which produces vehicle access: cars (by car lifts), bikes and residents, which may come to their store rooms to level. At level 3.60, the pieces combination produces  the embouchure which includes the main entrance.




Dwellings are proposed with a plant fundamentally free and transformable, large windows open to collect maximum light and allows the passage of the sun rising average temperatures that occur in the harsh winter of Soria. Provide in their screen west sun protection swivel and foldable. As for the housing 1 bedroom duplex, raised areas on the ground floor at the level of the garden which is accessed and on the top floor the bedroom-study turns to the double height of ground floor. These are open to southwest according to the proposed spin.
The plant height 0.00 typology fit again as twin around private courtyards that allow sun exposure and thermal control in the back of the house.


The covers of the three parts are presented as green parts, the part A, due to low housing density of the building, containing an area of common clothesline, enabled in height to not be visible from the street. Also on this deck is placed properly oriented whole system of renewable energy (solar panels - acs.).
The piece C is for walk, belonging to the common areas and serves as access to housing 1 bedroom duplex.

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