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Facades Boulevard Sanxo Llop sector. Gandia
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: public space
class: ideas competition
date: 10/2010
cliene/sponsor: APRUSA –Urbanistic  Programme Implementation society  (SAU)
photos / images: estudioji

Building on this shopping area in Gandia with a certain location and  volumetries, implies conditions not suit some questionable. But within this defined envelope, the air begins to penetrate, separate and articulate.
A visible structure chromatically variant draws it, holds it (tense) and leaves it transfer (fluid). This air by the access level, penetrates and shapes the relationship space linking and follows all apples partial plan. The desire is to get a coherent picture of a single building vibrant. Is a repetitive seriation of geometrically modified elements that "watch" each future commercial buildings, offering different ranges of colors depending on the direction the walker take.


The color range of 280 different colors that can be seen in one of the faces of each shaped piece instead expresses the diversity of a population that in summer season triple enumerated in this city. This skin "absorbs" all this miscellany and exposes the city as a large-scale gallery in question.
As in the leaves of the trees, the facade has two faces, beam and back, the first of bright colors and cheerful in south-north direction and the opposite,more neutral, leaving only the faint reflection show tonal.




The main quality of have a time-invariant skin, is the flexibility with which the buildings contained within it can be transformed without changing the image of the city over the years. After crossing the filter or lattice, a longitudinal gallery provides access to each of the commercial buildings. It is a place cool in summer and sheltered in winter, becoming the backbone of online social interaction and visual connector whole performance. The winter sun filtered and penetrates to the interior, while in summer the shell protect it and cool it.


The ribs that form the lattice facade are specially shaped steel with variable geometry according to final and variable altimetry that surround each building.
These are the main structure of the building. They behave like porches with two supports and hunging floor slabs to bridge large spans. Specifically are anchored to the fronts of forged to stiffen the system. Its base module section is 1000x150 mm of welt sheets.
According to the chosen geometric cutting, there are seven different types of blades, with variables surfaces. Structural supports are placed every 2.70 meters, while the intermediate meet strict enclosing function.

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