estudio ji architects
Hostelry. Herrera del Duque. Badajoz
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo/blas antón
typology: tertiary
class: ideas competition
date: 05/2010
client/sponsor: Council of Extremadura
photos / images: estudioji/blas antón

A building consisting of different programs and applications that can work together, sharing and complementing their services, but they can also work separately, avoiding the characteristic of one interfere with the other's needs.
This option proposes to determine the scope of the two main uses (the guest room and celebrations). Recovers church hall for celebrations while for the guest defining a new building, with an exterior corridor, which serves as a lookout to the landscape, surrounding rooms that empty into another ring to a large inner garden.



Between these two areas, helping to differentiate from each other but also as an element of coordination between them, we propose a service building. This building defines clearly and easily the meeting between the new guesthouse with its immediate urban environment (party walls, crawlspace, green environment ...). This building allows us to accommodate intermediate programmatic needs of the whole, and enables the sharing of these services from two main uses.
The scheme of movement and communication cores allow easily solve the independent use of each part or joint use, offering a clear and easily understandable for users, to reduce to a single communications perimeter corridor of the inn, contact view of the surroundings.


Rooms at the inn are arranged in a large circle enclosing a central courtyard where it penetrates the nature of the environment in the form of garden.
The circle defines an open interior and controlled whose only references are the landscape around the castle of the mountain, and in opposition, the church and its dome. All rooms are equally open to this central space without external disturbances. In this interior space, thanks to the natural topography of this area, the two levels of the building are joined by the slope that will define the garden.
Surrounding rooms as an outer ring, the broker acts as a linear dynamic viewpoint, accompanying guests on their way up to the rooms. From this corridor is possible to see all the natural landscape surrounding the building through the lattice surrounding the enclosure. This corridor simplifies the understanding and use of the flow diagram for the guests and the guest workers.

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