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Baptist Church. Alameda de Osuna, Madrid
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: religious
class: ideas competition
date: 03/2009
client/sponsor: IBAO
photos / images: estudioji
Second Prize !!

Is important analyze the location of the site in relation to residential urban design of Alameda de Osuna to explain the solution adopted. It is a place between single family homes in almost all directions. For the intended use, relating it to the urban design is essential, which is why an image arises incorporate it into the environment by making use of an appropriate scale and geometry, without forgetting to be recognizable from a distance. We opted for an image of pitched roofs as a large facet that defines the main living space of worship, emphasizing one of them as a milestone. Each of these pieces tetrahedral responds to a specific use in the interior space of the room.


Pedestrian access from the street raised from the lowest point of the site. A canopy collects us and invites us to enter the grand lobby. Exists other public access in the interior gardens and connect with the dining room, cafeteria, library and teaching area.
These educational services center naturally light flooded through the courtyard, views are controlled pose a Garden Interior to regulate temperature.
From the main entrance can be glimpsed through the Auditorium Lobby. The piece serves as a visual articulation Baptistery in the gardens of the area stage and social events. These inner visions provide pleasant feelings to feel no never in a totally enclose.




It has sought to make the auditorium thanks to its geometry and orientation of the skylights have a natural mystic light in specific areas where the act requires it. Thus Baptism is performed under the slender tower flooded with light leaking southern view of the sky in the opposite direction (see diagrams perceptive in planes). The stage is open to a large wooded garden if desired controlled by a system of curtains, for example. At night, the skylights will cover slightly lighted recognizing the volume without interfering in the residential area.

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