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Evangelic Church  “Buenas Noticias”, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid
architects: jorge frías/irene zurdo
typology: religious
class: ideas competition
date: 10/2006
client/sponsor: Evangelic Church "Buenas Noticias"
photos / images: estudioji
First Prize !!

The fundamental action we think is the “meeting”. The main space has to be in the center, connected to everything else. This decision leads to develop a concentric pattern, where the functions that serve the main space for 1,000 persons ordered ring around.
'Meeting' is the most important action and proposes a space with enough volume to acoustically conditioned. Also its relationship with the outside is total understanding at all times that it is an element "landed" at the site. This large space is divided into three areas of high clearance to allow 7m3 per person and is flat, forming a grandstand at the back of the room to place 6 tiers with chairs.


The strategic location of the site relative to the urban layout of Boadilla is important to analyze it to explain the solution adopted. It is a high place that connects the northern slope with a large public park of a large residential block south façade and the street shot to 6 meters in elevation above the park. For the intended use, connect the park with the urban design is essential, which is why it proposes a direct access to the park from the sports and ancillary services. Direct access from the street to the auditorium, ways out to a large terrace which dumps the park being located on the apartments.
The rest of the educational service center naturally light flooded through the courtyard, views are controlled pose a 'Interior Garden”' to regulate temperature.
From the main entrance can be glimpsed the Auditoriun through the lobby, these inner visions provide pleasant feelings to feel no never in a totally enclosed.  



Enjoy the surrounding garden and the activities that take place in the Great Hall requires the free plan, tool praised by Le Corbusier in the twentieth century, is imposed on the access level. This situation allows the lobby space and perimeter canopies incorporate the large meeting space easily.
We open all the windows to the outside level to the 3.00 meters tall so the visuals are always more distant landscapes possible allowing external view from anywhere in the auditorium.


Awnings and courtyard as essential elements of our culture.
To bring the human dimension scale we have raised a large canopy that protects from the sun, collecting the Lobby, the main housing and the outer room with park views. This lightweight and horizontal architectural element, unifies humanizing intervention previous large spaces surrounding the central void. The central courtyard is essential for the other rooms work. Is formed as a gap landscaped, oriented north-south, which allows its lower floor opened so that the sports center or library can relate visually when time permits.


The draft order is based on the achievement of juxtaposed pieces that may or may not work together on the basis of the closures (doors or drapes) that are available. Spaces are forming consecutively arranging Entry, Lobby, the Auditorium and the Terrace with the house of the Priest. Such spaces are available to the super-structure that orders the project and solve physical problems such Auditoriums.
Two plants with a single bay, are located next to the western boundary height saving sports located just below the auditorium, with similar dimensions in plant.


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